Fortune Magazine on Kiva

If you read one article about philanthropy this month, make it “The only nonprofit that matters” in the new issue of Fortune. Click here to access. It is an excellent review of and other organizations of this type. I found a couple things interesting:

  1. Fortune refers to DonorsChoose as a “peer” of Kiva’s. When I suggested that DonorsChoose, Global Giving and others were competitors, Kiva denied this comparison. I think they are all more similar than different. Global Giving later wrote on their blog that they agreed with my take.
  2. The article notes that DonorsChoose users can elect to send a portion of their gift to DonorsChoose to cover overhead rather than have 100% go to the project. They say 90% of users choose this option. When I suggested that Kiva use a similar pricing mechanism to fix their current supply/demand imbalance, Flannery said (scroll to bottom) that the 100% going to the project was a critical part of Kiva’s value proposition.
  3. Kiva has been criticized for not being “real philanthropy”, because users make loans not gifts. I think Kiva is so important because they’ve figured out how to give users both hard data (default rates on loans) and soft data (info directly from the borrower to the lender on how they’re doing. In the article Flannery says, “We think the users want information more than they want their money back.”

In case anyone is new to this discussion, I want to make it clear that I think Kiva is doing great work. I make the above points because I think that the philanthropy community should care deeply about Kiva’s decisions because I think they are creating a model that will find huge success.

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