Gift Hub Vs. Tactical Philanthropy

And now for a little end of the week fun…

Next time Phil Cubeta disagrees with me, I’m not even going to enter the debate. I’m just going to send out my bodyguards. Of course, knowing Phil, he’ll happily fight back (don’t miss what’s written on the signs…).

Watching those gunships go to work on GiftHub made me really laugh… probably a little too hard.

Happy Friday!

One Comment

  1. phil says:

    As long as we use lasers not tasers all will be well. What are we debating? You see, my position is that social capital markets are a cloak for neocon warlike ideology, that instead of love, social capital markets are all about greed, bellicosity, and market share. Your post seems to make my point. (I am trying to stop from laughing as I write this. Am pleased to debate whatever philanthropic topic you wish. Propose the topic and I will flip your for “pro” or “con.” You want to take the position that giving is a virtue, and I take the position that it is a market?)