NetSquared Update

From the NetSquared Blog:

Google’s engineers, product and project managers want to help bring your NetSquared Mashup Challenge idea to life!

Next Friday, March 7th, NetSquared Mashup Challenge applicants have an incredible opportunity to participate in a Hackathon at the Googleplex in Mountain View, CA from Noon-5 PM.

A group of Google engineers, product and project managers will be available to help you think through your idea, answer questions, give advice and start building your mashup for social change!

Are you excited? We are!

To attend you need to submit your project idea to the NetSquared Mashup Challenge. The application process is just that, a process. Fill out what you know now, and begin soliciting feedback from others to move your idea to a completed mashup.

Once your project idea is submitted, you can register for the Hackathon by sending an email with the subject line: “Google Hackathon Registration” to…

Click here for all the details.

A Hackathon at the Googleplex? 95% of my readers eyes just glazed over. 5% are in nirvana and just ran out the door to buy a case of Red Bull. 100% will be fascinated by results that show up at NetSquared in May.