The Global Reach of Blogs

This is my favorite post on another blog that mentions me:

ところがその後、Financial Timesでもフィランソロピーに関する連載コラムを持つSean Stannard-StocktonのTactical Philanthropyというブログで、この話題に関する大変興味深い議論のやり取りが展開されています。

I have no idea what it means, but it still amazes me that ideas posted to the web travel around the world so quickly.

One Comment

  1. cloudgrabber says:

    Wow! What a pleasant surprise to see my Japanese blog mentioned in one of my most favorite blogs!

    I am a graduate student at Kellogg School of Management and working with a few of other students on an independent project to create a prototype of social value exchange system. The entry on my blog was about your ideas related to Kiva’s demand-supply imbalance and the following discussion on this blog, which I found give useful insights to our project as well.