How to Blog

A member of my blogger team asks, “Any instructions/advice as to length, timing, topics, style?” In case you’re thinking about signing up and are wondering what it might entail, here’s my response:

I think you should write about whatever topics you are most passionate about. If you attend a great session or one that you deeply disagree with, write it up! If you have a great discussion in a hallway, share your thoughts. You might want to read this post and click on some of the links to last year’s conference posts. Style should be casual. I’d suggest writing a single draft and then proofing once, but don’t work on this like an essay for publication. Length is really up to you. I find posts in the 400-500 word range to be best. But last year I wrote four words that set off a firestorm. What you say is more important than the length.


  1. Tad Druart says:

    I’m going to share your post with our blog team. Not that I am the expert, but I often get asked “how much should I write” when talking about blogs with clients and members of our blog team. It really doesn’t matter if the content is compelling. For example, I could have replaces all this text with a simple, “Amen.” and made the same point. Looking forward to reading your blog teams posts.

  2. Thanks Tad. I’m often surprised that so many people tell me they are nervous to start blogging. But then I remember how hard it was to start myself. But once you get into the rhythm. It becomes second nature. The key is to just do it!