The Growing Blog Team

After the success of last year’s One Post Challenge, I thought that putting together a large blog team for the upcoming Council on Foundations conference might lead to a more dynamic conversation. So far, the list of people signing up has been excellent. You can read some background on what I’m looking for here and here. If you’ll be at the conference and would like to sign up to participate, shoot me an email. The conference this year combines the annual events for corporate philanthropy, community foundations, family foundations and private foundations. I would particularly like to add some representatives from family foundations to the list below.

The confirmed bloggers are:

My hope at last year’s conference was to open a “portal” into the event through which non-attendees could participate. While I think I was at least partially successful in providing a view into the event, the “participation” I was hoping for (for instance, a reader posting a question which I could then ask at a session and then blog about the answer) did not really occur. After the huge success of the One Post Challenge in creating reader debates around certain issues, I’m hoping that this year, we might get more of a back and forth going.

Let me know if you want to join the team and mark May 3-7 on your calendar for an explosion of activity on this blog as I begin posting entries from 10+ bloggers.