Blog Mobbing & Crowdsourcing

Lucy Bernholz of Philanthropy 2173 comments today on the Blog Team for the Council on Foundation Conference that I’ve put together.

It is a great example of crowdsourcing coverage, and I am particularly impressed that a blogger made this happen on his own. Given that COF only allowed bloggers for the first time in 2007 this is a good step forward…

The Blog Team gives us all one place to go for “coverage” of many sessions, from many perspectives. It is also an opportunity for those at the conference and those who miss it to participate in a conversation about the content. I’m assuming there will be a COF2008 tag so we can all follow the posts on del.ici.ous and COF has also put up a Facebook page.

As Lucy suggests, this post and all further Conference related posts will be tagged COF2008. If you are blogging elsewhere, posting photos to Flickr or anything else online, use this tag so we can all find it. (If you are confused about what a “tag” is and how to use it check out this explanation).

There will be at least 18 people blogging on Tactical Philanthropy during the conference. Get ready for a steady stream of commentary!

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  1. andrew jones says:

    fantastic. will get the feed and watch.