Bloggers at the Council on Foundations Conference

Last year, on the eve of the Council on Foundations conference in Seattle, I wrote about how in 2002 only one blogger covered the California Democratic presidential convention but in 2007 a record 50 bloggers were in attendance (that number didn’t count the mainstream press who were blogging nor the every day attendees who happened to have their own blog).

I suggested in the post that in 2012 there might be 50 bloggers at the Council on Foundations conference. Re-reading my post I was struck that there are 18 bloggers on Tactical Philanthropy alone this year! EPIP has a group of bloggers and the Chronicle of Philanthropy is going to have their reporters live blog the event. Plus if my sense is correct, we’ll see over the next couple of days that more people in attendance than you’d expect have a blog and are writing about their experience.