The Second Great Wave of Political Donors

I’m not political strategist, but I couldn’t help but notice this USA Today story titled, “Small Donors Increase Impact.” The story explains that while traditionally, political campaigns are fueled by large donors, this election cycle is seeing the growing importance of small donors.

Democrats Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton are increasingly funding their presidential campaigns through donations of $200 or less, a USA TODAY analysis shows, in a break from previous contests dominated by wealthier contributors.

More than half of the $194 million that Clinton and Obama collected from January through March for their primary fight came from small donations, according to the analysis of data compiled by the non-partisan Campaign Finance Institute. That’s up from about 15% of the $43.5 million collected by both Democrats during the same period last year.

I won’t make a call on political trends, but it sure seems like interesting stats that are relevant to my thesis of a Second Great Wave of Philanthropy.