Nonprofit Job

The most recent posting on the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board comes from Civic Ventures:

Director Web Services
Civic Ventures, an innovative and influential national nonprofit working to transform the aging of America into an opportunity for social renewal, seeks an exceptional individual with superb managerial and technical Web-based skills to head up a three-person Web department responsible for the organization’s multiple public and internal Web sites.

The Director of Web Services works with the organization’s senior management team to leverage social networks and information technology to advance the organization’s strategy and support its projects.

The Director of Web Services builds and leads a high-performance Web team that integrates existing and emerging technologies and best practices to create a vibrant and compelling online presence. The director coordinates feature and function launches and upgrades, as well as periodic overhauls and redesigns, for the organization’s Web sites, compelling user experience and high-quality presentation.

You can find all the details here.