Philanthropy Job

The newest posting from the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board comes from New Profit, Inc.

Portfolio Analyst
Organization: Since 1998, New Profit has helped a portfolio of social entrepreneurs build world-class organizations and scale their social impact. New Profit believes that just as entrepreneurship and invention have enabled our nation to create a productive, vibrant economy, so too can we harness America’s spirit of innovation, vision, and optimism to help solve our most pressing social problems. With the support of individual investors and our signature partner, Monitor Group, New Profit provides multi-year financial and strategic support to a portfolio of social entrepreneurs working in education, youth development, workforce development, and other areas. In addition, we bring together social innovators from across sectors at the annual Gathering of Leaders, and also drive other initiatives to release the potential of social entrepreneurship. Included among these is America Forward, a coalition of more than 60 social entrepreneurs and high-impact organizations that have come together to present presidential candidates and policymakers with a new and transformative way to solve the difficult social problems facing our nation.

Position Overview: The Portfolio Analyst is an essential role that encompasses a broad set of responsibilities requiring analytical skills, project management capabilities, and general research abilities. This person will work closely with the New Profit Portfolio Management Team, representatives from New Profit portfolio organizations and other relevant external stakeholders. The key responsibilities fall into four main categories:

• Support pipeline development—includes ongoing research and logistical support to develop a strong, robust pipeline of potential portfolio organizations.
• Participate in due diligence process—includes research and interviews to assess the attractiveness of candidate organizations as new portfolio investments.
• Contribute to quarterly reports for management and Board—requires participating in the quarterly data collection process and managing the logistics of analyzing and evaluating that data, culminating in writing summaries and reports for Board members and other external audiences
• Assist with cross-portfolio learning and portfolio support—includes providing research and analytical support to New Profit partners in their work with portfolio organizations as new opportunities and challenges arise, and facilitating the portfolio organizations’ ability to access all New Profit learnings and best practices through cross portfolio learning sessions

You can find the details here.