Social Enterprise Job

The newest posting on the Tactical Philanthropy Job Board comes from New Profit, Inc:

Event Associate
New Profit is seeking an energetic, articulate, analytical, and highly organized individual to support events planning full-time, primarily for New Profit’s annual signature event, the Gathering of Leaders. The Gathering brings together 50 world-class social entrepreneurs and approximately 100 other visionary leaders in business, philanthropy, academia, and government to catalyze the development of new ideas, relationships, and resources needed to advance a shared agenda and create transformative systems change. The next Gathering will be held in February 2009. Design, planning, and follow up for each Gathering is a year-long process, with a very intensive period of planning and execution occurring in the four months prior to the Gathering each year (November-February). During periods that do not require full-time attention on the Gathering, the Events Associate (Associate) will support other New Profit events and special projects as needed.

Since 1998, New Profit has helped a portfolio of social entrepreneurs build world-class organizations and scale their social impact. New Profit believes that just as entrepreneurship and invention have enabled our nation to create a productive, vibrant economy, so too can we harness America’s spirit of innovation, vision, and optimism to help solve our most pressing social problems. New Profit is working towards a day when innovative, proven solutions to our country’s most persistent social problems can be identified and grown in communities that need them. We believe that by helping to support new, entrepreneurial solutions, we can help to create widespread, transformative social change.

You can find all the details here.