Tactical Philanthropy Guest Blogger: Jacob Harold

I’m going on vacation next week in the California wine country and the place my family is staying at only has dial-up web access. *Gasps of fear from the audience*. So while I’m gone, I’ll be handing over Tactical Philanthropy to Jacob Harold, a program officer at the William and Flora Hewlett Foundation. Jacob works in the Philanthropy program at Hewlett and is one of the most knowledgeable people I know on subjects related to philanthropy infrastructure (ie, how philanthropy works and/or is going to work in the future).

Jacob was a member of the Tactical Philanthropy Blog Team that covered the Council on Foundations Conference. During the conference he wrote this post about the role of philanthropic advisors.

I’ll be reading along next week and leaving my own comments, but it would be great if everyone could jump into the conversation with Jacob and keep him on his toes!


  1. Ruth Masterson says:

    Sean, I enjoy your blog & find it valuable & informative. I hope that YOU enjoy YOUR vacation and…please excuse me for pointing out that you aren’t an M.D.; no one will die if you take a real vacation! May I encourage you to NOT read along? Take a real break; let the brain re-boot — you’ll be that much more on YOUR toes when you return! Be philanthropic with YOU. It may seem hard to buck American-insane cultural work norms, but once you get started, it’s not that bad. Really! Promise!

  2. Thanks Ruth. Clearly no one will die if I leave. In fact some readers will likely find they get more work done if they aren’t leaving comments on my blog!

    I’m definitely looking to reboot. But you have to understand, blogging is just too much fun for me. I have a day job of running a firm and talking to clients and making financial decisions. It will be nice to take a break from that, as much as I love it. But Tactical Philanthropy is just as much of an outlet for me as it is a work of passion.

    But thanks for thinking of me!