More Philanthropy Surprises

#2 on my list of 10 philanthropy “surprises” for 2008 was:

“A foundation will decide to start publishing online the rationale for why it makes each of its grants. Its grantees will see increased donations from individuals who tell them they first heard of their
organizations on the foundation’s Web site.”

Teri Behrens, director of evaluation at the W.K. Kellogg Foundation and the head of the new Foundation Review writes:

While it isn’t “a foundation publishing on its website,” The Foundation Review (first issue coming in January) will address #2 on your list. The articles in this peer-reviewed journal will provide a description of why and what was funded as well as what was accomplished.

I’m really looking forward to the first issue of the Foundation Review.

One Comment

  1. Jason Dick says:

    I’m always encouraged when I hear that a foundation is being more transparent and accessible. I hope more and more foundations will use the internet to cast and communicate their vision.