A Tactical Philanthropy reader “Leanne” has taken the conversation to the next logical step and is offering to connect FORGE with funding leads. Leanne write:

I sent a link to a foundation a few days ago to the info. email on FORGE’s website. I know some of us have access to funders and information/connections that might not be on Kjerstin’s radar. If she was up to it (are you?) would you guys be willing to send her your leads?

This would be a huge leap in eliminating the “scarcity mentality” that exists between NFP’s. I, for one, would love to show the world that there is enough funding for everyone and that, by combining forces (be they brain power or brawn)those of us who are invested in changing the world, can do so.

So, Kjerstin and the rest of you guys, what do you say about getting a little help from your friends?

If I represented a funder, I would be very interested in all of the buzz around FORGE and the radical transparency decision they made. I would also hope to see FORGE succeed because I care about the concept of transparency within the social sector. However, I would be uninterested in funding FORGE’s $100,000 budget shortfall unless there was a larger strategy for building the orgs fundraising capacity in a way that fits their new impact model. But I think that larger strategy is doable. I’m meeting with Kjerstin tomorrow.