SoCap2008 Video

The good people at were at SoCap and filmed a number of sessions. This is the video of the session I moderated on New Wealth Management. The audio is fine on the video, but the mics only fed to the camera, so the large, packed room had trouble hearing us at first. That’s why you’ll notice we decide to stand up to present. 

The session after mine was about Mission Related Investing. I thought the session was excellent and it was interesting to hear from the KL Felicitas foundation (a leader in MRI) talk about their experience. KL Felicitas is a relatively small foundation so they have a different sort of story to tell than the multi-billion dollar foundations who are starting to get into MRI. Click here to view the video.

You can find a listing of all SoCap08 videos, including the keynote address by Matthew Bishop (who coined the word Philanthrocapitalism) by clicking here.