Tactical Philanthropy Forum Update

One week ago today I sent out invites to the Tactical Philanthropy Forum: Featuring Paul Brest & Bill Somerville in San Francisco on November 19. The goal was to attract 70 attendees. As of today, we have 65 registered participants. We’ve spoken to the people at Hanson Bridgett, who are hosting the event, and figured out how to squeeze in 10 more chairs. That means there are now 15 slots left. Plenty of people have told me they will be there, but have not yet registered. So if you want to be there for the first Tactical Philanthropy Forum, you should register today.

In addition to the strong interest from attendees, I’ve also issued media credentials to the Wall Street Journal and the San Francisco Chronicle. If you know anyone in the media who might be interested in attending, have them shoot me an email.

While at this point, I have not committed to bringing future Tactical Philanthropy Forum events on the road, I am pleased to report that the Case Foundation has offered to host a future event in Washington DC and the Southeastern Council of Foundations has contacted me about hosting as well. I’ve also received expressions of interest from Boston, New York, Chicago, Seattle, Cleveland and West Palm Beach (Palm Beach? I see a February/March event in our future!).

So thanks so much to everyone for showing such outstanding support. I think that there is a movement afoot in philanthropy that is starting to coalesce. There is a tribe of people who recognize that philanthropy can become something much stronger and more impactful than what we have today. This blog is one of the places that the tribe is starting to gather. My hope is that the Tactical Philanthropy Forum will facilitate a dialog about where we go from. The registered attendees for the Forum include people from; donor networks, microfinance, universities, large foundations, small foundations, community foundations, philanthropy consultants, nonprofits, philanthropic intermediaries, individual donors, online giving sites, social entrepreneurs, financial advisors, authors and web 2.0 organizations. One of my favorite things about the Tactical Philanthropy community is how multi-disciplinary the background of the group is. Philanthropy is not going to be remade by any one discipline. But it might be remade by this community.


  1. Carrie Varoquiers says:

    This sounds like a fantastic event, but it happens to fall on the same day as The Economist conference on Corporate Citizenship. Many corporate granmakers in San Francisco will have a scheduling conflict. I do hope to be able to attend your next gathering- thanks for organizing.

  2. Thanks Carrie,
    November is a great month for an event like this (strong end of year interest) and a terrible month (lots of competing events!). Sorry you can’t make it. There will be more.