Why Care about FORGE

My last post explained why I was working to support the transparency being practiced at FORGE. Tactical Philanthropy reader Leanne, who has been working behind the scenes to support FORGE, has posted her own reasons:

A real life drama is unfolding before our eyes. The choice is to watch in voyeristic delight or to back away in disbelief. There is a third option, of course, and one I see a few of us are taking; solidarity.

So, what was it that made me decide to get off the sidelines and get in the FORGE “game”?

I can tell you what it wasn’t.

It wasn’t the cursory google search I did and it wasn’t because my involvement (miniscule as it is) will benefit me in any way. It wasn’t even my passion for helping people achieve their vision (the one that helps them help others).

It was something much, much more and something I believe in with all my heart.


Real transparency isn’t just something you pull out as a marketing gimmick and it isn’t a version of “truth telling” that is geared to make a NFP more “human”.

Nope, real transparency is when one person stands naked before another without ego or fear because they are so confident in their calling that they have nothing to lose by telling the truth.

In my opinion, that’s what Kjerstin is doing and that’s what makes this situation so ENGAGING.

See, my friend, Kjerstin, whom I’ve never met, by the way, came to me (via the internet) and said, “Hey, I could use some help.” She then went on to lay herself BARE for the world to see because the help she needed had nothing to do with her but rather with the people she was desperate to continue helping.

Is this resonating with anyone? Do you guys see this the way I do? Isn’t it refreshing?!

So, as one who has been in a similar situation as Kjerstin is in and as one who recognizes that this is happening to NFP’s all over the world, I refuse to bury my head in the sand or to look out for my own interest.

The world is changing for us “world changers”. I say we embrace that change.