FORGE: Progress

FORGE’s consultant Curtis Chang has not yet released his strategic review of FORGE (remember, it has been only three weeks since I first put Curtis in touch with FORGE. A review done in less than three weeks would have been highly suspect in my mind). But FORGE has announced progress towards their fundraising goals:

Since announcing our budget shortfall, we’ve received $15,000 in new gifts (toward the $100,000 deficit). We’ve also received several pledges and committments that we are waiting to see formally materialize. Its been a good start.

In an exciting turn of events, a family foundation has come forward to offer $10,000 once we have raised $20,000 from our past donor base. So far, we’ve raised over $7000 of the required $20,000, and we are confident that we will raise the rest. Once this happens, we will be at least 40% of the way to closing the immediate gap that will allow FORGE to continue our work in 2009. It’s my belief that the first 40% is the hardest, as it is the early donors who must take the largest risk that we won’t make it.

There is still a long way to go. But we’ve got our nose to the grindstone, and we’ll keep plugging away…

I’m meeting with Curtis and Kjerstin today to get an update on the project. One thing I’m happy to know already is that the $10,000 foundation grant came about as a result of Kjerstin’s transparency efforts and the following surge in attention FORGE has received.