Dan Pallotta & Robert Egger Hash Things Out

In the comments section to my post about Dan Pallotta’s new book Uncharitable, Dan skewered Robert Egger for his quote in the Chronicle of Philanthropy that Dan “Strip-minded the cause” and for the negative treatment that Robert afforded Dan in his book Begging for Change.

Robert, the president of DC Central Kitchen and a member of the Nonprofit Times Power & Influence Top 50, has now come back with a response to Dan’s comments. Joining the mix as well is Sasha Dichter, the head of Business Development at Acumen Fund.

There is real tension and disagreement in this conversation. But I think it is a worthy conversation to be had. This isn’t controversy for the sake of spectacle, it is an opportunity to hash out real differences, kick in some rotten doors in our thinking, and hopefully come out the other side better for it.

You can catch up on the full comments here. You’ll find Dan’s comments regarding Robert here, Robert’s rebuttal here and Sasha’s take here.

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  1. Peter says:

    As an aidworker, I took the same article and put it into the light of a UN humanitarian organisation…