Giving During a Financial Crisis

In Paul Brest’s latest post he writes about how foundations should respond to the financial crisis. One of his three points is:

We need to ensure that the best organizations — those that are delivering real outcomes — weather the storm. We’re not going to be able to salvage them from the bottom of the sea after the storm is over. On the other hand, we shouldn’t use precious assets to keep poorly managed organizations afloat either.

To me, this is the logic that should guide all charitable giving, all the time. It gets to the core of what great grantmaking is about. Invest in the best and realize that giving to poorly managed organizations (that you don’t believe can turn things around) helps the nonprofit but hurts the cause.

One Comment

  1. Bilal says:

    The survival, viability and credibility of this industry will be predicated upon those same core values and disciplines you spoke about. They must become deeply rooted in the value system of all non-profits. There viability will be determined on the strengths in demonstrating strong business fundamentals and practices.

    We help raise capital for “worthy non-profits” whose mission and vision are to “impact stakeholders” in ways that mobilize them as “creative forces” that make positive change. Who believe in the premise, that the basic foundation for real change is centered around flawless business execution and responsible management. Mosaic seek out those organizations that have that understanding. Our mission is to help these non-profits, no matter there size, organizations whose mission and cause will help shape a “responsible new world” for our future generations

    Bilal A. Aziz
    Mosaic International Incorporated