Tactical Philanthropy Trivia Question 2

Congrats to reader Barry Varela for correctly answering Question 1 of Tactical Philanthropy Trivia. Barry wins a $25 charitable gift certificate for knowing that the fifth edition of The Giving Carnival was about charity evaluation and I referenced Look Who’s Talking, Too in my post on the topic.

Let’s move on to the next question and another $25 charitable gift certificate from Razoo.com

Question 2: “Who was the first blogger to write a post about the new blog called Tactical Philanthropy? What did he or she say was at “the core” of philanthropy?” [The blogger in question is not elegible to answer this question]

One Comment

  1. Kyle Reis says:

    Phil Cubeta, who said (and I quote from your blog):

    “philanthropy at its core is a personal, moral, and political (in the largest sense of serving the polis or community) act, virtue, or way of being in the world”