Tactical Philanthropy Trivia

Let’s have a little fun.

In partnership with Razoo, a website that “helps you find and research great organizations, donate, and manage your charitable life,” over the next few days we’re going to play Tactical Philanthropy Trivia and give away $125 in charitable giving vouchers (which were donated by Razoo).

Here’s the rules: Between now and the end of the year, I’m going to pose five trivia questions that relate to the topics we’ve all talked about here over the past couple of years. The first person to correctly answer each question (via a comment) will win a code that let’s them give $25 to any charity through Razoo.com. Razoo is one of the sites featured in Tom Watson’s excellent book CauseWired: Plugging In, Getting Involved, Changing the World in which he says it is an “addictive social networking site” that goes “directly at one of the fiercest criticisms of Facebook-style philanthropy — that it is trivial, a million tiny clicks signifying little.” So let’s click around a bit and move a little money while we have some fun.

Question One: “What was the topic of the fifth edition of the Giving Carnival and which movie did I pit against Casablanca in my movie metaphore?”


  1. Barry Varela says:

    Topic: Evaluation
    Movie: Look Who’s Talking, Too

  2. We have a winner! Interested readers can find the fifth edition of the giving carnival here and my reference to Look Who’s Talking, Too here.

  3. Barry Varela says:

    Yay! One down, four to go. 🙂