Online Giving: Call for Assistance

On February 28 I’m guest lecturing in a Stanford University workshop taught by Bill Somerville. My one hour slot is going to focus on “Online Giving”. The class is called Philanthropy is For Everyone and is part of Stanford’s extension program. Most of the students are Stanford alumni who are currently involved in philanthropy or wanting to become involved.

During my presentation I’d like to engage the audience by actually giving some money away through a live demonstration of one of the online giving platforms. So I’m putting out a request for help from one of the platforms. I’m looking for someone who will run through a demonstration of their site during the class. I’ll put up a small amount of cash to give and ideally I’d hope that the group might have a budget so that we can make multiple gifts.

If you are interested in helping out, shoot me an email. I assume I’ll get multiple offers of help, so I’ll just have to go with the group that has the most interesting offer or makes the case that from a learning perspective, their group best suits the needs of the class.

If you like, you can register for the one-day workshop here.



  1. Leanne says:

    Just passed this on to a contact I have. Hopefully they’ll get on it and contact you.