Chronicle of Philanthropy/Tactical Philanthropy Interactivity

When I first launched my column with the Financial Times, I planned on creating some linkages between the column and this blog. For instance, when I wrote a column about giving circles I had hoped to link back to my blog where I would publish a list of similarities between giving circles and investment clubs that the head of a giving circle had sent to me. But that concept never really played out.

With my new Chronicle of Philanthropy column, I think I can build in more interactivity. For instance, I might refer in my column to a video hosted here at Tactical Philanthropy. Or I could source column ideas (as I started to yesterday) here on the blog. Or maybe we get really creative and crowdsource a column via a collaborative writing process.

Many of my readers are a lot more creative than me when it comes to understanding how to push the boundaries with social media tools. How do you think I should take advantage of the dual print/online media combination? And don’t forget that the Chronicle of Philanthropy has their own website where they’ve been hosting live chats and doing other interactive events. I’m sure they’ll be open to experimenting with new ideas as well.

How can we make this more than just another newspaper column?