Peter Singer on Colbert Nation

Earlier this week I mentioned Peter Singers new book The Life You Can Save. Singer offers challenging moral augments for why we must do more for charity. Last night Singer appeared on Colbert Nation, the spin-off of The Daily Show that features comedian Stephen Colbert.

Talk about a tough show to talk about your book! Stephen asks Peter at one point what the least amount of money he can give so that he doesn’t look like a complete “a–hole”. Unfortunately, Singer’s no match for Colbert and isn’t able to effectively push his message. But here’s the thing: As much as shows like Colbert Nation and The Daily Show mock their guests, they also provide legitimacy to the importance of the individuals who appear on their show. There’s a reason why The Daily Show is now a mandatory stop for anyone wanting to get their message out.

I’d love to see Paul Brest on The Daily Show!

Here’s Singer:

For some real fun (it is Friday after all), you need to check out Charity Navigator’s last CEO Trent Stamp’s appearance on the Daily Show. His reaction to Stewart’s question about whether charity evaluation “gets you all the babes” is priceless!