The Foundation Review

The first edition of The Foundation Review is now available online. My friend Teri Behrens is the editor in chief.

From the publication’s website:

The Foundation Review is the first peer-reviewed journal of philanthropy, written by and for foundation staff and boards, and those who work with them implementing programs. It provides rigorous research and writing, presented in an accessible style.

Our mission: To share evaluation results, tools, and knowledge about the philanthropic sector in order to improve the practice of grantmaking, yielding greater impact and innovation.

The first edition is now available free online. I especially enjoyed the article Philanthropy and Mistakes: An Untapped Resource. Some other sample titles:

  • Community-Based Collaboration: A Philanthropic Model for Positive Social Change
  • The Challenges of Place, Capacity, and Systems Change: The Story of Yes we can!
  • Scope, Scale, and Sustainability: What It Takes to Create Lasting Community Change

In the introduction Teri writes:

At the core of this journal is a belief that grantmaking is an area of expertise, with a set of knowledge, skills, and abilities necessary in order to do it effectively. Our goal is that The Foundation Review becomes THE journal for philanthropic professionals — as readers, as reviewers, and as authors — to help build the knowledge base. By openly sharing what was done, why it was done, what was accomplished, and what was learned, we can increase the impact of the sector as a whole. As financial resources become more uncertain, it is even more crucial that foundations use them more wisely — it is time to get very serious about learning.

Here, here!

And the Review even has a blog.


  1. Autumn says:

    Yes, I made a beeline for the Philanthropy and Mistakes article as well. I’m researching the references for the article as we speak!

    Thanks for tweeting/posting this, Sean. I had received the print version and hadn’t bothered to check online for it, silly me :p

  2. Reading: “The Foundation Review | Tactical Philanthropy” ( )

  3. Jillian says:

    Served as a peer reviewer for the second issue and was impressed with the process. Looking forward to the progress of the journal.

  4. David Link says:

    Having trouble getting any information regarding the legitimacy of this foundation. Hope you can help.
    Thank you.