The Hallways at the Skoll World Forum

It is a tired, but true, saying that the best conversations at conferences happen in the hallways. I’m disappointed that I didn’t get to go to the Skoll World Forum this year, not so much because of the sessions I missed, but because of the hallway conversations I wasn’t there for.

But thanks to Nathaniel Whittemore from the Social Entrepreneurship blog at, we all get to stand around in the hallways at Oxford and listen in on some great conversations. Nathaniel has posted a series of short videos that capture him talking with some of the leaders of the movement who were walking about the conference.

Below you’ll find Paul Carttar, a co-founder of Bridgespan. Nathaniel also spoke with (click on the name to see the video):


SWF09 Interviews: Paul Carttar from Nathaniel Whittemore on Vimeo.