The Tactical Philanthropy Bookstore

I’m happy to announce the new Tactical Philanthropy Bookstore. You can access the store via the Bookstore link in the top navigation bar of this site. Back in February of 2007 I hosted a “giving carnival” event where various bloggers offered their favorite philanthropy books. That list is now the #1 result on Google for the search term “best philanthropy books.”

With the Tactical Philanthropy Bookstore I want to do something a little bit different. I’ve read every book that I list. Not all of them are about philanthropy. But I see philanthropy as a multi-disciplinary field of practice and find that there are lessons to be learned in many corners of human wisdom. The bookstore is my attempt to share with you the books that have had a meaningful impact on the way I think about philanthropy.

Blogs are great. But the fact is books are still the best way to get a deep treatment of a subject. We saw that first hand last year when so many people began using the term “philanthrocapitalist” and even offered their own views on the subject… even though they’d never actually read the book.

If you ever come across a book that you think is outstanding and a must read for people interested in philanthropy, let me know. I’m sent a ton of books for review, so my reading list is longer than I can cover. But when I read something outstanding, I’ll add it to the list.

So check out my new bookstore and let me know what you think!


  1. Sarah says:

    Paul Light’s works are conspicously absent from your bookstore. Sustaining Nonprofit Excellence, for example, presents a compelling case for investing in infrastructure as a means of increasing organizational effectiveness. If you have not read it, it would be a good addition to your reading list. If you have read it, I would be interested to know why it (and other Light books) is not included in your bookstore.

  2. Thanks Sarah. I’ve read a bunch of Paul Light’s writing (such as this excellent, recent article), but I haven’t read his books. You’re right, that does make it “conspicously absent”! I’ll add him to my reading list.

  3. tactical philanthropy (@tactphil) just launched a bookstore with some great reads. check it out!