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On Tuesday, May 26 at noon eastern I’ll be engaging in a live, public chat hosted by the Chronicle of Philanthropy. The Chronicle’s announcement is below. Hope you can join us!

Tactical Philanthropy: Live Chat

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Tuesday, May 26, at 12 noon, U.S. Eastern time

Many of the nation’s largest nonprofit groups and foundations in the 20th century were top-down organizations created and supported by a small but powerful group of wealthy philanthropists.

But changes in technology, demographics, and ideals are challenging that traditional structure in profound ways. Sean Stannard-Stockton, a wealth adviser, has been exploring this change through his popular blog, Tactical Philanthropy, and through his monthly column for The Chronicle of Philanthropy.

Mr. Stannard-Stockton believes American philanthropy is in the midst of a change that will lead to new approaches to solving social problems.

"The philanthropists of the 21st century will be smaller in size, but much larger in numbers than the philanthropists of the last century," he writes. "From researching what organizations to give to, to demanding accountability from the nonprofits they support, to utilizing sophisticated giving methods, the new donors want to make sure their giving is having the most impact it can."

Is philanthropy really undergoing a sea change? If so, is this change a good one for the nonprofit world  — and for society over all? And, if this change is occurring, what should foundation and nonprofit leaders do to influence the direction of philanthropy?

Mr. Stannard-Stockton will be available to answer these and other questions about philanthropy’s past, present, and future during a one-hour live discussion with Chronicle readers.

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