Introducing Guest Blogger Sara Hall

Sara HallI’ll be traveling next week and unable to blog regularly. In my place will be Sara Hall. Sara is president of New Philanthropy Advisors. Her particular area of expertise is the emerging world of Social Entrepreneurship/Venture Philanthropy. A student of bottom up, market-driven approaches, Sara helps her clients penetrate and navigate the tightly interconnected universe of emerging social and technical innovations benefitting Bottom of the Pyramid populations (income of less than $3/day).

Prior to philanthropic consulting Sara published the book Drawn to the Rhythm and in the years prior to her philanthropic focus consulted and spoke to groups and benefit audiences nationwide on values-based personal mission.  She has appeared on Oprah and other nationally-syndicated television, as well as nationally-syndicated radio.

As if that’s not enough, Sara is also an eight-time World Masters Champion in sculling (rowing)!

Sara recently presented at an Association of Small Foundations luncheon on the subject of “High Engagement Women’s Philanthropy”. The subject is especially timely given the recently released study showing that high-income women are the demographic that is most rapidly embracing sophisticated philanthropic strategies.

Astute readers might remember that Sara and I first met when she contacted me as the FORGE story was unfolding to share her experience with the organization.