Your Free Ticket to NetSquared

Two months ago I wrote about how excited I was to attend the fourth annual NetSquared Conference in San Jose, CA on May 26 & 27.

I wrote:

Longtime readers of Tactical Philanthropy know that I’ve always been a fan of the NetSquared conference. From N2Y1, where I heard about some site called Facebook for the first time and was taught how to launch a blog. To N2Y2, a nonprofit “investment fair,” where the seemingly uncontroversial comment “some nonprofits just suck” by a venture philanthropists lead to a heated public debate between participants with the board members of NetSquared sponsor TechSoup Globaltaking opposite sides. To N2Y3, where philanthropy “mashups” won cash and Peter Deitz’ Social Actions took home a prize.

But now I’m disappointed to say that something has come up and I will be travelling next week and unable to attend the conference.

Well, my loss is your gain because now I’m going to give away my $300 ticket to the two day event.

Here’s the summary of the conference:

The NetSquared Global Conference, held in San Jose California, is a two-day meeting that brings together the minds of unlikely allies from different professional fields including: leaders in philanthropy, corporate philanthropy, engineering, media and world-class innovators driving the development, distribution and use of social technologies for progressive change.

The conference provides participants an opportunity to attend interactive sessions facilitated by leaders working at the cross-roads of technology and social change; create new collaborations, and participate in a uniquely democratic approach to funding innovation through the Project voting process.

All conference attendees have an opportunity to share their perspective and insights from the field with competing Projects, and vote to fund N2Y4 Mobile Challenge winning Projects competing for $50k in cash-prizes and in-kind resources.

So here’s the game: To win the ticket you must:

  1. Promise that you will use it.
  2. Explain in 500 words or less (as a comment on this post) why you think mobile technology can lead to better philanthropy.
  3. Submit your entry by midnight (pacific time) on Thursday May 21 (tomorrow).

Ready… Set… Go!