Video of The Philanthropist Debate

The video from The Philanthropist debate has been edited into chapters so you can now skip around to each speaker:

William Schambra starts things off.

Tom Fontana describes the making of the show.

Ian Wilhelm puts the show in context.

Steve Gunderson explains why the Council on Foundations is concerned about the show.

The Q&A session with the audience.

And below, I argue that the show will spur interest in philanthropy.

Last week I asked for a Tactical Philanthropy reader to step up and edit video of The Philanthropist debate so that readers could skip around between speakers rather than watch the whole two hour video from beginning to end.

So we all owe a round of applause to reader Mark Basnage  for offering his help. Mark leads the MakeKnowledge project, a nonprofit effort to develop tools to support K-12 teachers’ professional development, and rethink the way we interact with curricula. He also blogs about the landscape of K-12 education at Unstuck-Ed.

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  1. I was at the panel, and echo Sean’s thank you to Mark. This is an excerpt from an open letter I sent to the Colorado Springs Independent Sector meeting, and includes the action steps you can actually take:

    The Philanthropist TV show should be supported.

    This is an incredible opportunity and benefit to the entire non-profit sector. THERE IS A PRIME TIME TV SHOW DEALING WITH NON-PROFIT ISSUES! This is great! Don’t miss the forest for the trees, and I don’t care whether or not you think “it’s not an accurate portrayal of the difficulties that non-profit professionals face.” It is entertainment and it will generate interest and conversation about non-profits! Believe me; you don’t want to be hosting the panel 3 years from now “What could non-profits have done better to have kept The Philanthropist from being canceled.”

    Here’s what you can do now, and have your supporters do the same:
    Contact Angela Bromstad, President of NBC Primetime Entertainment, and tell her that you’re a fan and want the show picked up for next season. Then e-mail Tom Fontana, co-creator and writer at and tell him that you’ve sent the message of support to NBC.


    Bill Huddleston