Friday Afternoon Mental Health Break

One of the underlying themes to a number of my recent posts is that there are a lot of different ways to approach philanthropy. That’s OK. In fact, it is a wonderful thing.

So I was thrilled to get today’s Mental Health Break video sent in by reader Ash McNeely. The video focuses on how we educate children, but I think it more broadly makes the argument that we need to encourage different ways of approaching problems rather than training everyone to follow the “best practices”.

One Comment

  1. Ginny Deerin says:

    WINGS, a non-profit working with elementary school age kids, featured this video in our enewsletter. It got more comments and views – hands down – than any other video we have promoted.

    It hits a nerve in a powerful way. Deep down we all know that each of one of us is unique. And brings valuable and beautiful things to the world.