Philanthropy Daily Digest


  1. Gordon Strause says:

    The Post editorial reminds me of a book about Harvard Law School I was skimming through one day in a book store (the title, I’m afraid, escapes me).

    In it, the author talks about HLS students who chose a career path doing non-profit advocacy work (versus corporate law or litigation) and how these students were “admired but not respected”.

    Think a similar dynamic goes on with teachers, and this needs to change if we want to attract great teachers and keep them over time.

    But to end on a bright note, our current President took the non-profit advocacy route after graduating from Harvard Law, so perhaps there is hope.

  2. Thanks for the note Gordon. For better or worse, our culture currently pays people well whose job they “respect”. This is one of the reasons I’ve been an advocate for better pay in the nonprofit sector. But at the end of the day, the issue isn’t really salary, it is respect.