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  1. Jeff Mowatt says:

    Sean, taking two of the above. relating to good news publishing and the ethics of choosing one cause over another I have to ask this.

    When the media exhibits disinterest in social business from one source and promotes the same concept from another, to the detriment of the first, Is this unethical?

    An an illustration last week’s Guardian reporting on Call Britannia as an example of business doing good while making a profit. It seemed to be applying the model we introduced to the UK 5 years ago, formerly a white paper created for the Committee to Relelect the (US) President.
    Our funds directed to social endeavour in Ukraine have influenced government policy in the area of childcare such that domestic adoptions have increase. it comes from a strategy plan protected by copyright. The same concept of investing in removing children from care homes, is one of the examples given in the Social Impact Bond document prepared by Social Finance.

    This harms us, in not attributing the original source by diminishing our social impact aimed at neglected children in Ukrainian institutions, Was it ethical for the BBC to focus on this in Bulgaria while removing our advocacy, as aunsuitable from the former BBC Citizens Action Network.

    What about academia? For example when a student is found to be passing off another’s work as his own, grounds for expulsion. So what about a university which promotes intellectual concepts placed in the public domain more than a decade ago, as a new concept, disregarding the originators ?