Three Minutes with Paul Shoemaker

Recently I introduced the newest Tactical Philanthropy feature: Three Minutes. The idea is to introduce readers to the many, many characters that make up the world of philanthropy. Last week, I featured Melinda Tuan. The video quality was good, because I caught up with Melinda in a quite conference room with good lighting.

Today’s video is with Paul Shoemaker. Paul’s interview was shot in a hotel lobby, near the bar while a Halloween convention was going on in the background! I struggled a bit with whether the Three Minute series should only run interviews where I can capture high quality video or whether quality was less important than introducing readers to as many people as possible. I finally decided that if you actually know Paul, then you know a real conversation with him would be far more likely to occur in a hotel lobby next to the bar than in a quiet conference room. So I’m going to experiment with capturing as many Three Minute interviews as possible and not worry too much about video quality. I’d love your feedback on this, so please leave a comment or shoot me an email.

Paul Shoemaker is the founding executive director of Social Venture Partners-Seattle and in many ways the face of the entire Social Venture Partners network. At the annual conference, the SVP network presents the Paul Shoemaker award to a deserving partner. It is, quite literally, a large bronzed shoe.


  1. Cara Lewis says:

    Fabulous! A lot of good stuff can be conveyed in three minutes. I hope you continue these features and I can’t wait to hear more about the SVP conference in Dallas last month.

  2. I agree with you, video quality is less important. An interview doesn’t have to be orchestrated and fully structured. This one is coming across authentic, personal and real… substance over packaging.


  3. Good deal Ephy. Thanks for the input. The feedback has mostly be in line with yours, so I’m going to continue with the guerrilla video style and see what we can get!

  4. Great idea! Loved seeing Paul on the video, and more importantly hearing about the continued growth of the SVP Network. I co-founded SVP Delaware in 2002 and am grateful to be a part of this incredible group of people.