Ami Dar on Idealist Debate

Ami Dar, the executive director of Idealist, has left a comment regarding today’s posts (see part 1 and part 2) about his organization.

Ami writes:

Thanks so much for this. First a couple of updates. In the week since we put up the counter that Rich referred to, another 1,500 people have given close to $50,000 more, and money aside, it’s been incredibly moving to see and feel this wave of support. Also, to give people who didn’t get the original email some more background on this, we added this page:

Regarding Nell’s points, as I commented on her blog, I agree that a) this was a one-time thing for us; and b) that the onus will be on us to turn things around. But looking back now, I still think this was the right decision for us.

Thanks again!