Tactical Philanthropy Forum Video

For those of you who were unable to attend the Tactical Philanthropy Forum featuring Paul Shoemaker, Bill Somerville and Bill Schambra in January, we’re happy to now have video of the full event.

Above you’ll find Part I of the debate. You can find video of the full event via the links below:


  1. Jeff Mowatt says:

    I like the kind of provocative question Bill Sommerville asks and that he wants to connect with the pioneers of grassroots efforts.

    Just today from a conversation on Justmeans I discovered someone who actually knew about the impact we’d made in Russia using own funds to source a development initiative in Tomsk, our proof of concept for a paradigm to replace the nonprofit approach.

    The mention of applying philanthropy to Haiti took my interest because just yesterday I’d responded to an article written by the Internation Director of the British Red Cross. He’d suggested that social networking had a place in Haiti’s development.


    In my reply I’d described how we’d been leveraging social investment in Ukraine to deploy affordable broadband, make adoption of children more economically viable and promote the concept of transformational lending to create SMEs to take on the role of self-builders among the repatriated homeless Tatars of Crimea.

    The cost of a social innovation fund there was estimated at 1.5 billion dollars. Hold in mind that first estimates for the US social innovation fund were 3..5 billion.

    For some this will be extending the concept of philanthropy into the realm of international development and that would appear to be a problem, in us being mavericks.

    Impact has been made nevertheless with what we can muster from our own resources and the ‘profit for purpose’ approach we pioneer.

    What we’d sought in terms of funding assistance for just one family type home, had been far less than our own commitment. We are justified in raising awareness becuase where we work their constitution demands it. Residents who are aware of harm being done to the vulnerable are obliged to speak out.

    Many decide to turn the other way.


  2. Jeff Mowatt says:

    It got a little confusing for me when Bill Schambra talked of the type of foundation which might deploy a comprhensive 5 year plan to end poverty in places like Oakland. After suggesting I thought, that this wasn’t happening he went on to describe the money being spent with little impact having been made and the activist/journalists who’d need to stick their necks out to expose the failure,

    Perhaps I missed something in the edits?