Philanthropy Analysis in the Comics

You know something has gone mainstream when it becomes a punch line. So I was pleased to see philanthropy analysis being the butt of a joke in the Sunday comics this week.

Pearls Before Swine


  1. Tim Ogden says:

    Of course, he gets the Happiness Principle exactly backwards. Hoarding money = I am sad. Giving away money = I am happy. The psychological research is very consistent on that point.

  2. And “giving to others -> makes them lazy” is wrong and offensive. It is a comic after all.

  3. Mazarine says:

    I love this! I wish there were more comics talking about what it’s like to be a donor and a fundraiser. I think the easier we can make it to understand what we do, the easier time we’ll have getting the whole organization to fundraise.

    What do you think?

  4. snipe all you want, guys. i’m feeling his perspective. ; >

    Susan Schindehette
    Founder and President

  5. Remember the initial flap in some quarters about the NBC show “The Philanthropist?” Even that show’s – albeit over the top – presentation of the positive side of philanthropy bothered some. They couldn’t just swallow the fact it was a “tv show after all.”

  6. Joe Hamm says:

    Great comic! Thanks for sharing. I think that regardless this will help raise awareness about the issues and debates involved….always a good thing to start real conversations that lead to change.

    Joe Hamm