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  1. Jeff Mowatt says:

    For me, it was interesting to read since this was something brought to my attention some years ago when first introduce to the concept of social capitalism. My mentor whose early background was in the US non-profit world, making the point that nothing prevented the founder of a charity maximising their income while minimising the social mission. He was making the case to me for a business with all the constraints of creating revenue and paying living wages while re-investing profit into a social objective.

    Here in the UK the image of many large charities has become one of prime time TV advertising, street chuggers and intrusive telesales operatives. Is there an unassailable rectitude in giving away other people’s donations in good faith?

    That others have accrued great wealth through commercial endeavour seems irrelevant to the context of charity compensation, Clearly no man needs $51 billion and while wealth accumulates in the hands of a small minority others suffer. That ‘philanthrocapitalists’ are now beginning to understand this can be considered some form of progress.