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  1. Jeff Mowatt says:

    Creative Cities is a British Council initiative. The British Council is a charity funded by government. I’ve made several attempts to connect with them about the social enterprise we’ve been doing in Eastern Europe over the past decade since this project seems to be based on a similar approach. I see no evidence of a business plan or any impact in spite of this commentary.

    There appears to be very little public interest , In their forum, the last message aside from porn spam is my own.

    Seth Godin is asking “how much is enough?” and perhaps that’s a question to ask not so much in terms of what percentage of one’s income to “make a difference” but to ascertain how much is needed to resolve a problem in the first instance . We calculated for example that the cost of transferring all children from institutions to family type homes in Ukraine would be $800 million up front with $325 million recurring .

    I’d agree that third sector orgs need to get tough but in a different direction, where funds are siphoned and eyes are averted. In the institutional childcare example I gave above, for instance, there’s a widely held belief that 80% of all funding is siphoned by organised crime,