McKinsey Learning for Social Impact Portal

McKinsey & Company is a leading global management consulting firm. Like other major consulting firms, McKinsey has a group that focuses on the social sector. In McKinsey’s case, they have a Social Sector Office. Recently, the Social Sector Office launched a new web portal called Learning for Social Impact.

At the heart of the portal is a McKinsey report that examines best practices in social impact assessment (disclosure: I reviewed the report prior to release and participated in a feedback group for McKinsey). The report is well done and I found the matrix on page 11 illuminating in the way it describes appropriate objectives based on the type of social intervention and the maturation stage of the solution.

The new learning portal also features a number of video interviews with Jed Emerson of Blended Value, Tris Lumley of New Philanthropy Capital, Brian Trelstad of Acumen Fund and myself.

In this video, the four of us discuss what social impact assessment is and why it is important.

In this video, McKinsey’s team interviews me about my view that a mass movement towards effective philanthropy is underway.

McKinsey’s Learning for Social Impact portal and report are good additions to the field and I encourage you to explore the site.