Tactical Philanthropy Fantastic Video Contest Update

Sometimes posts on this blog get picked up by the Tactical Philanthropy community and take on a life of their own. That’s what seems to be happen with our Fantastic Video Contest.

Here’s what’s happening. First we are getting a strong response with videos of all sorts coming in from readers. You can find links to what we’ve collected below. In addition, the organizers of inVision 2010 a conference being held on Thursday and Friday in San Francisco that will focus on “tapping the power of visual media in the social sector” have reached out to me and asked to feature some of the videos during their closing plenary. I’ll be publishing a finalist pool of videos on Wednesday and the attendees of inVision 2010 will vote on their favorite to pick a sort of “jury prize” selection. The Tactical Philanthropy community will have the opportunity to vote as well and then on Friday I’ll publish the results and feature the best videos.

So here’s the list of submitted videos so far. You can submit your video to the collection by posting a link in the comments section of this post, emailing me or tweeting me at @tactphil. The deadline for submissions is 7:30am pacific time tomorrow.

City Harvest’s clever video about how we waste food (note: no apples were harmed in the making of this film. Seriously. Note the comments).

Mr. W from the German Ministry for the Environment.

The Free Hugs Campaign video.

Charity:Water’s video showing what lack of access to clean water really means.

StoryTellers for Good’s video about random acts of kindness.

An award winning ad about the effects of global warming.

A video from Healthy City showing how maps and data can be used to improve communities.

The MasterCard Foundation’s video telling the story of their grant to Fonkoze, Haiti’s largest microfinance provider.

The mind blowing Lost Generation video (which you must watch to the halfway point to see the amazing twist)..

Piano Stairs, changing behavior by making things fun.

Choose a Different Ending, an interactive video that lets the viewer decide what happens next.

Leadership Lessons from Dancing Guy.

The Nike Foundation’s classic Girl Effect Video.

The Magic of Giving from the Peruvian Cancer Foundation.

The Girl Effect inspired Tipping Point Community video.

San Diego Social Venture Partners introduction video.

A one-year retrospective on the progress (and goofy fun) of Tashi, a paraplegic kitten, by Tabby’s Place.

The Rainforest Action Network’s video protesting the unsustainable use of palm oil by Cargill.

MoveSmart.org’s overview video.

Hero’s of Hope’s overview video.

A video about Hewlett Foundation’s grantee African Population and Health Research Center.

A public service announcement from Camfed.

What if African villagers raised money to support high society arts organizations? The video is here.

I Am Jane public service announcement.

A video about Cesar E. Chavez Service Clubs.

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  1. Kristin says:

    Hi Sean, Here’s our short 30-second intro to Camfed. http://vimeo.com/7103111