Tactical Philanthropy Community Conversations

One of the elements of writing this blog that I most enjoy are the regular, lively conversations in the comment sections. In case you aren’t aware, at the end of each blog post is a “leave a comment” link which allows you to post your thoughts or reply to the comments from other readers. In the right hand sidebar, you’ll also see a list of “recent comments” across all posts.

Because so much of the action on this blog resides in the comments section, yesterday we added an RSS feed of reader comments (see the “stay informed” sidebar box). If you use an RSS reader, you can subscribe to the comments feed. But even if you don’t use a reader, you can simply click on the “Comments Feed” link and you’ll see a list of all recent comments. You can click on the headline of each comment to view it directly.

Thanks to all of you who contribute your thoughts so regularly. I often repost important comments as full blog posts or otherwise quote from them. But many interesting discussions happen in the comment sections which are never mentioned in the main blog. One recent example is the ongoing discussion about Impact vs. Performance.