Audacious Ideas Redesign

I’ve gotten a ton of feedback and suggestions regarding the new Audacious Ideas guest blog series (you can read the first post in the series by Jim Canales here). I think this concept has legs, but I’ve also been convinced that it needs some changes. I’d like to get your ideas and help in deciding where to go from here.

First off, I think we need to establish a small Audacious review board. I’ve been deluged with inquires from people who want to submit an entry to the series. Frankly, my interest is in running truly audacious ideas. My thought here is to have interested parties send a short summary of their concept, maybe three bullet points and a paragraph of narrative, which the review board would then give a thumbs up or down.

Do readers agree with this approach? If so, who is audacious enough to be a member of the review board? I’d love your nominations.

Secondly, we need a new name. It turns out that there is an interesting blog called Audacious Ideas run by the Soros Foundation’s Open Society Institute in Baltimore. The blog runs weekly “audacious” guest posts with the goal of stimulating ideas and discussions about ways to improve the city of Baltimore. The Open Society Institute has asked that I changed the name of my series and I’ve agreed.

So I need your help on this too. What should the series be called?


  1. A nice ‘problem’ to have — to be inundated with response! Tracy Gary might be a good candidate for your review board. Could call it Bodacious Blurbs.

  2. Good thought on Tracy. Bodacious would be too funny. I like the way you’re thinking!

  3. Bodacious my first thought, too 🙂

  4. Yes, it is funny, but then so are most new, bold ideas laughed at when first introduced.

  5. I’d throw Hildy Gottlieb into the reviewer mix — and I vote for bodacious as well. Or, the Philanthropy Gone Wild blog (but you’d have to put up a pic of yourself shirtless on the blog).

  6. Mark Basnage says:

    Bodacious has some overtones (thanks, Animal House) that you may not want. How about “breathtaking”?

  7. Alright, I’m throwing out Bodacious. The Animal House connection is totally inappropriate.

    Other words I’ve been hearing:


    Thoughts? More suggestions?

  8. Adin Miller says:

    Animal House? Really? Hmm…

    Additional suggestions:
    1. Resolute Ideas
    2. Intrepid Ideas
    3. Taking Bold Risks (?) 😉

    I haven’t checked out any conflict on these, though.

  9. I like “Intrepid” but could do without the alliteration of “intrepid ideas”.

    I like the idea of playing on “brave new world” phrase. What about “Brave New Roles”?