Social Capital Markets Conference: Tactical Philanthropy Track

SoCap10 First of all, I want to extend a big thank you to everyone who helped me design the Tactical Philanthropy track at the Social Capital Markets conference. From the idea crowdsourcing we did earlier this year to the many conversations I had with members of the Tactical Philanthropy community, the final track design is very much a product of your input.

Below you will find full information about the sessions in the Tactical Philanthropy track, as well as links to more information about the full Social Capital Markets (SoCap) conference (October 4-6, San Francisco).

I’m happy to announce that exclusive to Tactical Philanthropy readers, the SoCap conference organizers are extending a special 30% discount on registration. If you’d like the discount code, please email me. This discount will expire on August 19, so you’ll need to hurry. In addition, all nonprofit employees are eligible for a 40% registration discount. You can apply for this discount here.

Social Capital Markets Conference: Tactical Philanthropy Track

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The full spectrum of the social capital market includes philanthropic capital. Join the Tactical Philanthropy track and explore the role of philanthropic capital in both for-profit and nonprofit social enterprises and markets. The sessions will help donors and investors bridge the illusionary gap between acts of philanthropy and market rate social impact investments.

Click here to see the full SOCAP10 schedule, including the Tactical Philanthropy Track!

Decriminalizing Fundraising
Fundraising is generally seen as "asking donors for a favor." But what if fundraising is in fact no different from raising investment capital or selling a well-vetted product? This session will feature two 20 minute talks by George Overholser and Dan Pallotta, two of the most visionary and radical philanthropic leaders.

  • George Overholser, Nonprofit Finance Fund Capital Partners
  • Dan Pallotta, Springboard

Scaling Social Impact
In business, scaling requires companies to increase their organizational capacity and output in order to generate greater profits. Nonprofit organizations can scale social impact by not only increasing their own capacity, but also by encouraging other nonprofits to adopt their models. How should social enterprises weigh the tradeoffs between scaling their organization or scaling impact through sharing their process with others? Come hear the stories of three organizations that have successfully scaled using entirely different approaches.

  • Steve Goldberg, Author of Billions of Drops in Millions of Buckets: Why Philanthropy Doesn’t Advance Social Progress
  • Lance Fors, New Teacher Center
  • Shawn Bohen, Year Up
  • Jennifer Davis, National Center on Time & Learning

Individual Donors Practicing Unconstrained Philanthropy
Many of the most well known, active participants in the social capital markets are institutions. But individual donors have fewer institutional constraints and can bear more social risk. These types of donors can make decisions faster, are able to act on less popular/overlooked areas that nevertheless promise big impact, and find it easier to forge collaborations. Join three individual donors who are doing cutting edge work in the social capital markets without the help of a large staff.

  • Katherina Rosqueta, The Center for High Impact Philanthropy
  • Dave Peery, The Peery Foundation
  • Jerry Hirsch, The Lodestar Foundation
  • Additional donor to be announced

The Lessons of Behavioral Finance: Understanding & Overcoming Barriers to Impact Investing
Impact Investing challenges the conventional separation of asset growth from charitable distribution and raises interesting questions about strategic philanthropy, fiduciary responsibility and investment products. While the concept has been well received in theory, most funders and donors have not significantly engaged in this approach. This dynamic panel will explore behavioral, structural, and theoretical obstacles to Impact Investing – and help participants understand how to overcome these obstacles.

  • Rae Richman, Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors
  • Randy Allison Hustvedt, Federal Street Advisors
  • Hope Neighbor, Hope Consulting

When to Invest & When to Give
For all the talk of producing a blend of social and financial value through giving and investing, little is known about when a social investor can maximize his or her blended returns through a donation and when an investment is a better option. This session will use Evergreen Lodge, a social purpose destination resort in Yosemite, as a case study for when to give and when to invest from both the enterprise and investor/philanthropist perspective. Join Evergreen Lodge owner Lee Zimmerman and his venture capitalist/philanthropist financial backer Stuart Davidson as they discuss the role of philanthropic and social investment capital in the growth of Evergreen Lodge.

  • Melinda Tuan, Melinda Tuan Consulting
  • Stuart Davidson, Woodcock Foundation
  • Lee Zimmerman, Evergreen Lodge

Nonprofit Analysis: Beyond Metrics
Over the last few years, mainstream nonprofit analysts and rating groups have moved beyond simplistic metrics like the "overhead expense ratio." Join three of these groups, Root Cause, GiveWell and Charity Navigator as they present their analysis of a single, high profile nonprofit. You’ll hear three robust approaches to analyzing nonprofits as a way to determine the degree to which a social investment in the organization may lead to impact.

  • Ken Berger, Charity Navigator
  • Andrew Wolk, Root Cause
  • Elie Hassenfeld, GiveWell
  • Nonprofit representative to be announced

Keynote Speakers for the Full SoCap Conference

  • Jacqueline Novogratz, Acumen Fund
  • Matt Flannery, Kiva
  • Jay Coen Gilbert, B Lab
  • Woody Tasch, Slow Money
  • Julie Sunderland, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • William Foote, Root Capital
  • Ron Cordes, The Cordes Foundation

I hope to see you there!

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