Reader Vote:

Two weeks ago I announced that I would be giving away the domain names Numerous organizations and people contacted me about their interest. However, two organizations have offered compelling details about why they are the right choice to receive the domains and what they would do with them.

So I’m going to put it to a vote.

First up we have The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University, who submitted the following:

The Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University is an active and committed advocate ensuring the education and training of nonprofit leaders. More than 8,000 nonprofit practitioners and students annually turn to the Center on Philanthropy for education, expertise, guidance, training and research. Through academic and training programs, the Center engages current practitioners in meaningful and relevant research-based learning and best practices at all levels (B.A. through Ph.D.), and through certifications in fund raising management and nonprofit executive leadership.

In spring 2011, the Center on Philanthropy is launching a redesigned website with improved navigation, information architecture, and accessibility to information. This site will continue to deliver free resources, including the Giving USA executive summary, studies on High Net Worth Philanthropy, free access to the Million Dollar List™, and other studies of relevance to practitioners and educators. Within the new site, we will also launch a blog – allowing for the latest commentary and information on empirical research and education resources  in the field. Additionally, in 2011, we are moving our curriculum for a Certificate for Nonprofit Executive Leadership into an online format, allowing for increased accessibility to philanthropy education.

We would value the opportunity to integrate the PhilanthropyEducation domain names into our strategies, plans and redesign.

We also have a strong application from the NYU Academy for Funder Education (founded by philanthropy advisor Richard Marker):

I developed the NYU Academy for Funder Education starting 11 years ago. It is the most comprehensive set of offerings for funders of all sorts at any university in the country [and maybe the world] But it doesn’t have any independent identity at NYU.

I am pleased to say that NYU has, finally, after 11 years, agreed that the Academy for Funder Education needs its own visibility and marketing.  The next issue of the Chronicle will see the first ad specifically advertising one of our signature courses.  The availability of this website at this time is propitious indeed.

We intend to use the domain to distinguish the Academy for Funder Education from the overall program of the NYU Center for Philanthropy. To the best of our knowledge,  our program, built around “core competencies” and “sequential learning”  is the oldest and most comprehensive such university based program in the country.  Our courses and seminars are taught by a very experienced faculty.

We have found that many of our “alumni” or “students” [virtually all of whom are philanthropists or who work in foundations] have requested more advanced opportunities to study, communicate with one another, and participate in the ongoing discourse about trends in the field.  With its own identifying URL, we will be able to provide a distinct identity for the Academy, and become a focus for much more extensive involvement in the national and international conversations.

Please vote below. Voting closes at 8am pacific time on Wednesday.


  1. Chrystal says:

    Hello! My vote is for the Center on Philanthropy. They are a great organization.

  2. Connie says:

    I vote for the Center on Philanthropy.

  3. Lijun He says:

    I vote for Center on Philanthropy. It is world famous. I just returned from China. Many universities and organizations knows this Center very well.

  4. melissa Mencotti says:

    I vote for the Center on Philanthropy, believing that it is the preeminent institution engaged in the study of voluntary support and the nonprofit sector. I am a proud alumna.

  5. Clay Bowden says:

    Hi, my vote goes to the Center on Philanthropy.

  6. Joshua Harber says:

    I vote for the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University. Also, kudos to you Sean for leaving it up to a democratic process, and for gifting the domain names.

  7. Susan Holmes says:

    The Center on Philanthropy! Thanks for all their work and education.

  8. Matt Holley says:

    As an alumnus of the Center on Philanthropy, I am fully aware of their amazing work. They are truly committed to making knowledge about the philanthropic sector accessible to many.

  9. Chapin Cole says:

    I vote for The Center of Philanthropy at Indiana University.

  10. Laura Meyer says:

    My vote is for The Center on Philanthropy!

  11. While there’s no doubt The Center of Philanthropy is an excellent and worthy organization, I think that the NYU Academy for Funder Education makes a more compelling case for how there will be a greater impact for their organization.

    Enabling them to create a stronger, more recognized brand will raise the profile of smart giving and help establish another better-known actor in this space.

  12. Elizabeth Gerner says:


    I vote for the Center on Philanthropy!

  13. Emily Miller says:

    I Vote for the Center on Philanthropy at IU.

  14. Lesley Neeley says:

    My vote is for Center for Philanthropy!

  15. Alexa says:

    Center on Philanthropy

  16. PJ says:

    I believe in the Center on Philanthropy in Indianapolis. Their graduates have made huge impacts in that community.

  17. Jenny says:

    Definitely the Center on Philanthropy at Indiana University!!!

  18. Jim Hazelwood says:

    Indiana U. Center for Philanthropy. Great education

  19. Maureen Hackett says:

    Center in Philanthropy @ IUPUI !!! Great education, support for non profits, outstanding research!

  20. Pat says:

    Center on Philanthropy!

  21. As a faculty member of The Fund Raising School at the Center on Philanthropy I can think of no better organization to hold this domain. With over 20 years of meaninful research, thirty years of sector wide training for over 30,000 individuals and the first PhD academic program in the world..doesn’t get much better than this.

  22. Dana says:

    I vote for the Center on Philanthropy!