Best of Philanthropy Daily Digest

The Philanthropy Daily Digest, where I curate the best or most important links about philanthropy from around the web, is one of the most popular features here at Tactical Philanthropy. So I was caught off guard this morning when I realized that while I’ve been diligently gathering links, the Daily Digest post hasn’t been publishing for the past two weeks. I use an auto-posting program from, so I simply missed the fact that the program wasn’t working.

I’m working on fixing the problem, but today I thought I’d featured some of the best links you might have missed. I also tweet almost all of the links found in the Daily Digest as well as a few extras. You can follow me on Twitter via @TactPhil.

Government wades in to Apple apps donation row | Technology |
The UK government says it will look into why Apple won’t allow in-app donations, an issue that blogger Beth Kanter helped push into the spotlight.

Uwe E. Reinhardt: How Private Is ‘Private Charity’? –
More discussion of the validity of the charitable tax deduction. Taxes are not just used to help the poor, so I’m confused why people think only contribution to help the poor should be tax deductible. However, the increasing interest in analyzing the best implementation of philanthropic tax policy is a good thing.

The Defamation of Muhammad Yunus | Philanthrocapitalism
I have no idea whether Yunus or Grameen bank deserve any of the criticism they are getting, but it is a normal part of a popped bubble (which microfinance has every indication of being) for the good to be thrown out with the bad.

Why Admitting Mistakes Can Help Charities Educate Donors – Saundra Schimmelpfennig
A nice explanation of why admitting mistakes is in the best interests of nonprofits.

JP’s Philantherapy Blog » Blog Archive » Heisenberg and the Elusive Measure of SROI
Quantum physics and philanthropy. Not something you see together every day, but this is well worth a read.

The New York Times | January 1, 1911 Edition
The January 1, 1911 issue of the New York Times reports on the philanthropy of Rockefeller and others.

PHILANTHROPY 2173: How things have changed
Lucy Bernholz writes an excellent post about the process of a 10-year-old evaluating charities. She mentions my post today and her post is an important take on the subject.

PHILANTHROPY 2173: More insights from the ten year olds
More from Lucy Bernholz on what we can learn from how a 10-year-old analyzes charities.