Philanthropy Keynotes & Public Speaking

I’ve been having great fun the last year doing more and more public speaking about philanthropy. In 2010, I spoke in 21 different venues, doing keynote presentations, panel discussions and breakout sessions. Some of my engagements included:

  • Speaking in London to a audience of over 1,000 about the Second Great Wave of Philanthropy and key trends among major donors.
  • Opening the morning plenary for the Indiana Grantmakers Alliance with a talk about information filtering in philanthropy and following it with a breakout session on using social media to increase impact.
  • Giving a keynote address to the Social Venture Partners Conference in Long Beach on the role of influence in philanthropy and then leading a brainstorming session on how SVP can leverage their influence to achieve impact.
  • Speaking to a conference for university staff on how they can better support new philanthropists.
  • Debating Paul Brest, the president of the Hewlett Foundation, on the the merits of strategic philanthropy and the role of theories of change at the Grantmakers for Effective Organizations conference in Pittsburgh.
  • Opening a conference in Portland for university students and staff involved in service learning with a talk about the emergence of impact focused donors.

One of the reasons I’ve had so much fun is I’ve ditched Powerpoint and started using Prezi to build presentations like the one below that is full of images and embedded videos.

If you click the “play” button in the bottom center, you can fly through the presentation and watch the videos.

On Friday I’ll be speaking in Toronto and I’ll be speaking in Tampa Bay and Philadelphia later this year if you are in the area. You can find info on my upcoming and past speaking engagements here.

I look forward to speaking to more groups around the country and taking on a few more international engagements. If you’re interested in having me involved in one of your upcoming events, you can email us at


  1. Very cool presentation. More than ever people have a high need for visual stimulation. Hopefully I will get to hear you speak in San Antonio in 2011.